Matthew L. Martin, Systems Consulting Engineer

I am a seasoned managment consultant and computer systems consulting engineer with over 20 years of experience. I am located in central Massachusetts and have successfully tele-commuted to both the west coast and the United Kingdom from my office in Shrewsbury Massachusetts. I am currently soliciting full time contract assignments. I am commited to my current contract until the end of December, 2008. I have started marketing my services for full time assignments. I am available for short term, part time work. I am available for interviews by appointment.

Please refer to my linkedin page for the recommendations I have received.

My current resume is available, below.

Some of my areas of specialty/experience are:
Management Consultant Product Managment, Product Strategy, Business Strategy, Requirements Analysis, Partner analysis, Software Development Process
Software Architect Analysis and design of product integration. Determining applicability of existing technology in addressing customer needs
Windows systems programming Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, device drivers, file systems, profiling, performance tuning, code analysis and improvement
Unix internals device drivers, file systems, profiling, performance tuning, debugger stubs, multiprocessor support.
Real Time OS
VxWorks, PSOS
Free Software Systems tools (binutils, gcc, gld, gdb) custom modification and upgrading x86 ARC MIPS PPC 68K PA-Risc SPARC 29K
Firmware MIPS DS-3 PCI card
XScale FC->IB intelligent switch for distributed SAN, block level virtualization in a Fibre Channel switch
Storage Custom, high speed, high throughput SCSI file system for sustained real-time multi-user digital audio recording and playback.
Storage Management Data base and user interface for managing very large digital audio storage
Geographical Mirroring Duplicating disk writes over LAN/WAN to asynchronously maintain a live disaster recovery backup of disk partitions.

My client list includes:

NTRU Cryptosystems, Inc., Mirror Image Internet, Inc., Avid Technology, Inc., Incipient, Comverse Network Systems, Ennovate Networks, ARCcores Ltd, Chameleon Systems, TopLayer Networks, Xedia, Peritus Software Services, Proteon, CommVault Systems, Cisco Systems, Clam Associates, Compaq, Banyan Systems, Epoch Systems, Eastern Media, Stratus, General Electric Aircraft Engine, Digital Broadcast Systems, Bain and Company, Digital Equipment Corporation, Krupp Realty

You can download my detailed resume as a pdf or word file. This is a functional resume that outlines the tasks I have performed and the systems that I have designed and implemented.

Please e-mail me at for more information.

Competitive contracting rates quoted after initial interview is completed. If you are interested in my contract services after the initial interview, I will make myself available for an unpaid, four hour technical session, under NDA, to discuss your projects in greater detail before any commitment is made.

Permanent employee salary requirement: negotiable.

Extensive references available on request.

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